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Leonidas Belgian Chocolates

Leonidas 7 pc. chocolate ballotin pictured here

What's in my box?

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Melt-in-your-mouth Ganaches!

Melt-in-your-mouth Ganaches!

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  • Assortment filled with Butter Creams and House Creams

    October 30 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

    Butter Creams and House Creams

    As indicated in the name, our delectable butter cream chocolates contain butter and that is what gives them a rich, deep flavor that is not overly sweet. Our delicious house creams, on the other hand, do not contain butter. They have slightly brighter flavors in comparison to the gently subdued flavor of our butter creams. It's a delicate balance, but...

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  • Gianduja, Giamanda, and Giantina

    October 29 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

    Praliné, Praline?

    In Belgium, the term praline generally refers to a filled/enrobed chocolate. Add an accent (praliné) and now we are talking about a milk chocolate hazelnut paste which is a traditional European filling. On our side of the lake, the term praline (sans accent) denotes a completely unrelated confection which is typically made with sugar, pecans, and dairy.   In our...

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  • Leonidas White Chocolate Assortment

    October 28 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

    A Letter from a White Chocolate Lover

    Dear I'm not so sure about white chocolate,   Once you try our white chocolate, you'll be hooked. White chocolate has gotten a bad rap because it's often made way too sweet with the addition of ingredients that DO NOT belong in chocolate. Our white chocolate is less sweet and has more of a rich flavor thanks to the healthy...

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  • Some of our Caramels

    October 27 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

    Our Caramels

    This is not not the kind of caramel that gets stuck in your teeth. Our caramel filled chocolates have a perfectly smooth and velvety consistency that require a slight upward tilt of the head when taking that first bite. You can stick that pinky out too. This is good chocolate after all. The caramels pictured above represent the “Alexander” range....

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