Butter Creams and House Creams

October 30 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

As indicated in the name, our delectable butter cream chocolates contain butter and that is what gives them a rich, deep flavor that is not overly sweet. Our delicious house creams, on the other hand, do not contain butter. They have slightly brighter flavors in comparison to the gently subdued flavor of our butter creams. It's a delicate balance, but some flavors are better suited to the addition of butter, while others not so much (such as our refreshingly addictive lemon cream). Vanilla is the one flavor available in both a butter cream and a house cream. The majority of our creams do contain butter as Leonidas is well known for the quality of their butter creams. 


Along with our ganaches, your pre-assorted box will contain a good number of creams. Roughly, half of your pre-assorted box will contain ganaches and creams. If your box is multi-layered, they will be on the upper half as they are a little more delicate than the heavier praliné filled chocolates on the bottom which will make up the remainder of your box. Unlike our pralinés, which are consistent in flavor, our creams come in a variety of flavors. We balance each box out so you get a good variety. In the larger sizes, in cases where chocolates may at times repeat, we'll pick chocolates with the widest appeal. For example, we won't give you 5 pineapple creams (although they are fantastic!) in a 60 chocolate box unless you request it. We're more likely to pick out several vanilla, pistachio, or coffee creams as an example. 







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