Melt-in-your-mouth Ganaches!

November 02 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

Dressé Noisette pictured

Dressé Noisette pictured

If there is one word to describe our ganaches, it is luxurious. These are the chocolates that will make you close your eyes in order to reduce any distractions and completely immerse yourself in the flavor! Our silky smooth and velvety ganache fillings generally consist of chocolate and cream, the ratio of which is varied to achieve the desired consistency and texture. For the purists, we offer a smooth, velvety milk chocolate ganache or an intense and indulgent dark chocolate ganache. For the more adventurous we offer a dark chocolate ganache with a subtle hint of rum or another infused with floral orange blossom. If you're a milk chocolate lover looking for some excitement, our hazelnut ganache (ground hazelnuts and cream) enrobed in milk chocolate is for you.


The chocolate to cream ratio is adjusted ever so slightly to create our magnificent truffles which contain a slightly firmer ganache, coated by a thin crisp layer of chocolate and dusted with fine cocoa powder. (Our truffles make the perfect dessert platter – minimalist, but elegant and perfectly satisfying. They are a great choice for wine pairing.) Tweak the chocolate to cream ratio once again and you have our spiral shaped, pure milk chocolate ganache (no additional coating) with a soft, creamy bite and crowned with a whole hazelnut. (Pictured above!)


There will be a good number of ganache filled chocolates in your pre-assorted box. Roughly half of your pre-assorted box will contain ganaches and creams. If your box is multi-layered, they will be on the upper half as they are a little more delicate than the heavier praliné filled chocolates on the bottom which will make up the remainder of your box.


Words cannot do justice to these divine pieces! However, if you want to read up on them, click here to visit the Leonidas main website and see our wonderful Ganaches. We carry most of them.

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