What's in my assorted box?

November 25 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

Leonidas 7 pc. chocolate ballotin pictured here

Leonidas 7 pc. chocolate ballotin pictured here

“What's in my box?” is a common question we get asked in our stores. We unfortunately don't have those folded paper legends often found in other packaged chocolate products typically found in supermarkets and drugstores. However, when you purchase one of our assortments, we want you to be confident that you are buying excellent chocolate that is thoughtfully prepared to ensure balance and variety. Hence, this blog post. (To see our chocolates with their respective fillings and flavors, consult our “build-a-box” page.)

Back to our assortments. Below you'll see a categorical list of our range. Beside each category you'll find a representative percentage or number range that goes into each box. Click on the category and you'll be taken to the relevant blog post where we elaborate. (Blog posts for Candied Fruit and Alcohol Filled Chocolates will be up very shortly!)


 1 - Pralinés (45-50%)

 2 - Butter Creams and House Creams (25-30%)

 3 - Ganaches (25-30%)

 4 - Caramels (5-10%)

 5 - Candied Fruit – (1 or 2 pieces on top to finish off the box)

 6 - Alcohol fillings- (1 to 3 pieces, only in the largest formats, ie. 30, 45, & 60 choc. sizes)







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