A Letter from a White Chocolate Lover

October 28 2020 – Alex Zigoumis

Leonidas White Chocolate Assortment

Leonidas White Chocolate Assortment

Dear I'm not so sure about white chocolate,


Once you try our white chocolate, you'll be hooked. White chocolate has gotten a bad rap because it's often made way too sweet with the addition of ingredients that DO NOT belong in chocolate. Our white chocolate is less sweet and has more of a rich flavor thanks to the healthy cocoa butter content. (ALL our chocolates are made with 100% cocoa butter - absolutely no vegetable fats!) Some of the fillings you'll find in our store include Strawberry/Rhubarb cream, praliné (a milk chocolate hazelnut paste), Coffee Butter cream, and Pineapple cream.


Yours truly,

White Chocolate Lover

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