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Brew Guide

Brewing at home? These are our favourite ways to make the perfect cup of specialty coffee.



Compact, travel-friendly Aeropress is great for coffee on-the-go. This device allows you to brew coffee under pressure with it's built in plunger that forces water through a small paper filter. Download the PDF guide here. 

    Aeropress Illustration

    Pour Over

      Super simplified way to brew small batch coffee, manual but worth it. It uses a filter cone and method of slowly pouring hot water in a circular motion. Download the PDF guide here. 


      French press

      Easy to use, no paper filters required! The french press uses the "immersion method" by soaking coffee grounds in hot water. Download the PDF guide here. 



        Last but not least, here's a quick video on our straightforward guide to making delicious espresso. Click here to view.