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Leonidas Heritage Brown Gift Box (16 pc.)


Chocolates | Assorted


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Leonidas Heritage Brown Gift Box (16 pc.)




  • Product Description

      Over 100 years ago Leonidas Kestekides developed the first praline as we know it today. Over time, four generations of the Kestekides family will have left their mark on Leonidas chocolate, turning this brand into a large, successful family business. What began as a single store with its sash window where the chocolates were displayed on the window sill, is today a global brand with more than 1,300 stores. 

      This heritage box celebrates the 100 year anniversary of Leonidas and holds 16 delicious chocolates. It is the middle size of our heritage boxes. Click here to see our other 2 sizes which are presented in our royal blue boxes. 

      As with all our assortments, this box contains a balanced mix of our delicious praliné (hazelnut chocolate), fresh butter creams, ganaches and caramels. 

      Choose between assorted, milk and dark chocolate and gluten free. 

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    • Variant: Assorted