One Shot

August 09 2021 – Alex Zigoumis

Or one bite if you're lucky, but chances are you'll lose some of the goodness inside. We advise you take them whole and savor the fine liqueur filling as it oozes out of the delicate dark chocolate shell. Our alcohol filled chocolates are the real deal. Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of sampling chocolate with some kind of 'who knows what' alcohol flavoring. This has given the union of alcohol and chocolate a bad rap and we're here to change that perception!

Our liqueur filled chocolates are made with a variety of fine liqueurs and they are the best you'll ever have. Our Cherry and Kirsch is just that - a whole Morello cherry suspended in a Kirsch liqueur cream. All our liqueurs are coated in dark chocolate. 

Our range:

  1. Pure Liqueurs Collection: Curacao, Limoncello, Blended Scotch Whiskey, Cointreau, Poire Williams, and Amaretto (Click here to purchase collection)
  2. Cherry and Kirsch - Whole Morello Cherry submerged in Kirsch Liqueur Cream (Click here to purchase collection)

We will include 1-2 Cherry and Kirsch in our larger assortments (22 chocolates and up). You may also purchase a dedicated collection as indicated above and we highly advise that you do. The Pure Liqueurs are only sold as a collection and we do not put these in our assortments.


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